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  • How much does it cost to rent a booth?
    $25 for our traditional RUBY booth rental. Commission is 65% $50 for our full service DIAMOND booth rental. Commission is 50% $75 for our EMERALD monthly booth rental (buy 3 weeks, get one free) Commission is 75%
  • What commission do I make when I sell my items?
    65%. Hidden Julz only keeps 35% to cover marketing, advertising, & selling your items all week long!
  • What if I don't make back my initial $25 booth rental?
    We have a first booth RISK FREE GUARANTEE. If you don't make back your $25 booth fee AND you have offered at least one discount throughout the week, we will refund your booth fee PLUS pay your 65% commission on what did sell. First booth rental only. At least one discount must be offered or RISK FREE GUARANTEE is not applicable.
  • Can I bring ANYTHING into Hidden Julz to sell?
    ALMOST! We do have a few prohibited items: weapons, drugs, food, animals, broken or damaged items, and anything too big to fit in your booth space. Other than that, it's all allowed! Questions?? Please ask!!
  • What items sell the best in your boutique?
    High end, brand name clothing in great condition is the best seller for sure. Followed closely by shoes and accessories. Men's, Women's, Children, Babies, and household items are all popular. It really just depends on who come into the boutique the week of your booth rental and what they're looking for!
  • How do I price my items?
    Depends on if you want to sell them quick or hold out a bit to make more money! Your welcome kit comes with a pricing guide that you can refer to for recommendations, but if you want it all to sell, price it low and it will go!
  • What if I am not available to pick up my items on Friday between 6:30-8pm?
    You can send a friend or family member if you can't make it... just give us a heads up! Also, we do offer take down service for $10. We will place your items in a bag with your name on it. You will need to pick up your items within 3 days after we take down your booth. Please let us know at check in if you need this service.
  • How much can I ACTUALLY make selling at Hidden Julz?
    LOTS!! Our first two months of payouts range from $50-$500+ for the vendors that had lots of high end, name brand items. You price your own items and display them yourself, so make sure to save your very best items and style your booth so others will be drawn to it and purchase from you. Offering discounts is also a great way to attract buyers!
  • What is included in my booth rental?
    Your own space to display your items (32" wide by 20" deep and 6 1/2 feet tall), a welcome kit with price tags & stickers as well as a tagging gun, 50 regular hangers, baskets/bins for smaller items, "S" hooks for purses/bags, small hooks for hanging items on front of booth, a chalkboard to label your booth, children's hangers if needed, jewelry displays, zip ties, easels, etc!
  • Can I restock my booth throughout the week?
    YES!! Please do! We send a photo of your booth mid-week to let you know how your booth is doing and if there is a need to restock. Contact us at anytime throughout the week if you have questions or concerns. Call or text (903)484-4083.
  • How do I offer a discount for my booth? Can I change my discount?
    You will have the opportunity to set up your discount when you fill out your booth questionnaire. If you would like to change your discount days or amounts, please send a message or call. (903)484-4083.
  • When do I set up my booth?
    SATURDAY is the day!! Booth set up is between 7:30-9:30 am. All booths must be fully set up by 9:30 am so we can have VIP VENDOR shopping!! This is from 9:30-10am BEFORE the store opens. You get first dibs on all the new items!! Please arrive on Saturday morning with everything priced and tagged and ready to set up. Allow enough time to be fully set up by 9:30 am.
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