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  • Booth must be paid for to reserve a specific booth number.  No bookings taken without payment.

  • RISK FREE first booth guarantee: If you do not make back your $40 initial investment on your FIRST booth rental AND you offer at least one discount, we will refund your booth fee PLUS pay commission for the items you did sell.  First booth rental only.  Discount must be offered to qualify.

  • Booth rental cancellations 48 hours + in advance are eligible for rescheduling without any fees.  Cancellations less than 48 hours from start of rental period can be rescheduled for a $10 fee.  Less than 24 hours forfeits the booth fee paid and no rescheduling will be allowed.  No shows will have NO REFUNDS.

  •  We reserve the right to cancel a booth rental if the items in the booth are prohibited or if the behavior of the seller is not in accordance to our kindness policy.  We err on the side of kindness.  Life happens, we get it.  We will accommodate whenever possible... but we do need to protect ourselves and our business.

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