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hidden julz booth map

Emerald booths with Hidden Julz Thrift Consignment Boutique are monthly rentals. 

The EMERALD booths are reserved for those who would like to rent for a whole month.  They can be used for small businesses or just someone who has LOTS and LOTS of items to get rid of! 


We only have 6 EMERALD booths and they are rented from the first Saturday of the month for 4 weeks! (Availability will only show on the first Saturday of each month). Booths 17, 26, 30, 31, 32, & 33 are all EMERALD booths. As monthly rentals, they book up fast so grab your's today!


As an EMERALD vendor, you may keep your items in the store for the whole month but we do ask that you come in weekly to restock and refresh your booth.  You can do this during normal business hours of 10 am - 6pm Tuesday through Saturday. 


EMERALD booths are $75 for the month instead of $100... so it's basically "buy three weeks, get one free!"  EMERALD booths are located along the wall behind the cash register.  They're in a prime location. 


Commission for EMERALD booths is 75% to you and 25% to Hidden Julz. Just one of the many perks of booking for a whole month.  Chat with us about more benefits of being an EMERALD vendor today!


Welcome Packet...what's included and more.

The week BEFORE your booth rental starts, please come into our shop during regular business hours (Tues-Sat 10am-6pm) and pick up your welcome packet.  Included in the packet is: 

  • Booth set up/take down information sheet

  • 50 price tags - (more are available if requested)

  • 10 small price stickers for shoes/household items, 5 medium stickers

  • A pre-loaded tagging gun with 100 tagging barbs

  • One sharpie for marking prices

  • A general pricing guide

  • 5 postcards to give to friends

  • A business card with our contact info

Welcome packet details

How to use a pricing gun

How to price your items

What can I sell at Hidden Julz?

We are an upscale thrift consignment boutique.  We offer high end clothing, shoes, accessories, & small home decor.  We encourage our vendors to save their very best items to sell at Hidden Julz... and it will pay off when your items sell!

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